Monday, April 7, 2014


Thick stock is the new trend in business cards.

Today if you hand someone a standard business card (#100), no one would blink and eye.  It passes on the information you need to convey to your new contact.  It does it's job.

But if you hand someone a letterpressed business card on Crane's Lettra stock you have their attention!

Lettra is a #220 stock that is a sensory pleasure to the finger tips.

Just look how thick it is.

Now not only do you have their attention with your card but they will never throw it away.
They now have a respect for you and your work that surpasses words.
In their hand is a piece of art that they will show to others and they will aspire to make their next card this awesome.

Now comes the fun part.

We now offer an even thicker card stock.

Neena, Wild Cover is #314!

We had to put our letterpress on Steroids to build up it's lung capacity to even pick up this monster card!

Bottom left is #100. Back left is #220 Lettra and on the right is #314 Wild Cover.

Wild Cover holds a really nice impression too.

The only caution we offer is to not throw these to your potential clients because it just might rip their arm off.

So plan to print you next business card on this "Thicker than everyone else's" stock and your clients will show everyone they know your crazy awesome card. 
Just make sure to tell them you had it printed at Faulkenberg's.

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