Monday, December 27, 2010

Flip Book

We were given a mp4 and asked to change it into a flip book Christmas card!

We had never done this before but we figured it out.

You also see our new perfect binder in operation in the video.

Press Check/Perfect binder

The designers from The Attic came in for a press check on a book we were printing for them.

Press checks are welcome here but please show up on time.

They did.

Look the job over carefully.

You do need to remember that the color will change slightly when it dries so trust the pressman if he tells you this.

This job was a 64 page book.

So we got use our new perfect binder on it.

The perfect binder is the green thing in the corner.

The bound edge.

The finished book.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Herron Tour

This fall we gave our annual tour to the visual communications class from Herron school of art.

Tommy C. showing how the plate processor works.

Jim Faulkenberg telling them about the digital press.

The students watching a job being run on the press.

We printed a take away piece for them that day.

Jim demonstrating the cutter to the students.

"Keep your hands out from under the blade!".

The take home piece we printed for them is laying on the table.
Dustin and Courtney form The Attic designed the informational brochure for the students to take with them.

A single sheet of paper that folds up into a book.

The book explains various printing terms and give the students other helpful information.

To make it into a book you first have to make one cut in the center of the sheet.

Then you fold it according to the directions that are printed on the back.

Here is a video showing how it folds and the finished book.