Tuesday, July 21, 2009


We were tagged this weekend.

There was a big expo downtown this weekend and we were left this after the crowds left.
Wigh is what it says. I think it stands for "Where I got hives" or something like that.

I stood in the back of Tommy Cs truck to get a better picture of it.

After I took the pictures and I was stepping over the tailgate to get down. My foot got caught on the tailgate and it dropped me head first into the ally.

I was able to snap this awesome picture of the tailgate on my way down though.The sacrifices I make to record company history.

Here is some more lovely work on another wall behind Pat Ks truck.

I noticed some other new art on some other businesses around us this week to.
So we weren't the only ones to be blessed with art this weekend.
Tuesday morning finds Dan up on the roof creating a clean canvas for future budding artists.

I hope this artist remembers to come to us to have their business cards printed.

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